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The ICT Museum and Wildlife Conservancy background

The mandate of the Multimedia University College of Kenya is to teach ICT including media and ICT including media and communication technology research and innovation. The ICT Museum falls within this mandate with the aim to discover, Interpret and disseminate knowledge about human technology in the information age, and to fully utilize the convergence of technology for interactive applications in the museum by means of collecting, classifying and preserving the natural and historical artifacts and publications. The second objective is to oversee the conservation of the Multimedia University environment, including the nature the nature trail and the wildlife filtering from the adjacent Nairobi National Park. It’s uncommon to see wild warthogs, baboons, monkeys, and various species of birds roaming the compound at any time of the day, as if domesticated. We pride and protect our environment and its habitats.


Mr. Odoyo Samuel ,
Ag. Director, ICT Museum.

The ICT Museum exhibition hall comprises of galleries and artifacts ranging from East Africa Postal&philatelic history (Study of stamps), Telephony, Radio&radio transmissions history Computer history, and Film Media history to Mobile phones history. The ICT Museum was started in the October 2009 under the flagship of Research, Production and Extensions. Currently the section is headed by Mr. Samuel Odoyo, as the Acting Director with the support of three technical staff. The Museum is open to both internal and external visitors at reasonable fees. A number of schools, colleges, and university students visiting are taken through the history of telecommunications and computing technologies in East Africa region dating back to 1901. In deed yesterdays facts tell us about today, and today’s tells us about tomorrow. We also hope to enroll the MMU ICT Museum as part of the National Museums of Kenya soon to attract the Governmental support, and any research fundings.

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The ICT Museum and Wildlife Conservancy Service Charter:

    1. To establish ICT Museum as a research centre for the Multimedia University College under the Ministry of Higher Learning.
    2. To establish the role of Multimedia University College as the main provider of ICT information using the rich

    telecommunications and postal heritage.
    3. To promote Multimedia University as front image driver towards vision 2030
    4. To support the National ICT Agenda 2015 towards upgrading awareness, social standing and enhancing a knowledge-based society and economy.
    5. To conserve the rich Multimedia University environment, including the nature trail and wildlife.

Mr. Suchi James ,
The Curator; Telecommunications.

Mr. Okoth Martin,
Ass. Curator; I.T & Web Admin.

Mr. Nzioka Daniel,
Ass. Curator; Resource Centre.